Classi Seconde


Daily routine

Build a dialogue 

Making arrangements

The weather

the weather: fliptiles

weather forecast: listening

game: the weather 

At the restaurant

game: restaurants

listening: at the restaurant

Food and drinks

video: food/ countable uncountable nouns 

game: drinks

game: meat and fish

game: fruit

game: vegetables 

game: containers

Cooking instructions

game: meals and cooking

Shops, public places, directions

giving directions: listening

game: around town

Around town: map 1

Around town: map 2

The human body

Physical and psychological description

describing people: listening

Physical description crossword

game: physical description

Psychological description crossword

Housework and things to help with it

Means of transport 

Airport vocabulary and verbs 

Airline announcements 1

Airline announcements 2

At the train station


TV programmes


Adverbs of manner

Personal pronouns subject and complement

Personal pronouns subject and complement: exercise

Possessive adjectives and pronouns

Time prepositions

game: time prepositions

Present simple and continuous

Present simple and continuous exercises

Present simple or present continuous?

What are they doing? City scene

What are they doing? A crazy swimming pool 

What are they doing? On the beach

What are they doing? House, park and hospital

Build a dialogue: present simple and continuous  

Present continuous for future: a planned holiday 

game: verbs of feeling+infinitive (-ing)

Uncountable nouns

Quantifiers A

Quantifiers B

Past simple: irregular verbs list 1

Past simple: irregular verbs list 2

Past simple: irregular verbs list 3

Irregular verbs, verb groups

Irregular verbs, table mixed 1

Irregular verbs, table mixed 2

Irregular verbs: extra verbs from web rap

game: past simple verb BE

irregular verbs: video

regular verbs: video

Past simple exercises 1

Past simple exercises 2

Past simple exercises 3

Past simple exercises 4

Past simple exercises and wh- questions

Comparative and superlative

Comparative 1

Comparative 2

Comparative 3


Superlative and comparative 1

Superlative and comparative 2

Indefinite pronouns 

Indefinite pronouns 1

Indefinite pronouns 2

Indefinite pronouns 3

Indefinite pronouns 4



Phonemic chart